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At Weight Loss of Columbia, we can help you take charge of your health with vitamins and supplements in Columbia, MD that are designed to help you improve your health and lose weight. We can help you learn more about individual vitamins and supplements, why they are necessary in a healthy diet, and your correct dosage.

Green Coffee Bean in Columbia MD

Green coffee bean is a powerful antioxidant derived from unroasted coffee beans. This weight loss supplement has become increasingly popular as a natural fat burner. In Columbia, green coffee bean contains chlorogenic acid, which is the substance in green coffee bean extract believed to be responsible for weight loss.

When glucose enters your bloodstream, the liver produces insulin. Chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose into the blood stream, which causes the body to store the energy from the glucose as fat. However, chlorogenic acid is believed to slow the release of glucose into bloodstream, thus reducing the absorption of fat.

At our office in Columbia, green coffee bean is pure with no fillers added. Although other products available over-the-counter may be labeled pure, they aren't really pure. We offer pure green coffee bean in Columbia that helps you reach your weight loss goals.

Pile of Green Coffee Beans in Columbia, MD

Lipoplex in Columbia and Surrounding Areas

In Columbia, lipoplex injections help to detoxify your body and remove fat while boosting metabolism, immunity, and energy. Lipotropic nutrients help to break down fat in your body so it is removed as waste. Made up of B12 vitamins and an array of amino acids, Lipoplex in Columbia allows you to produce more energy and feel good.

Myoden in Columbia MD - Ellicott City MD

Myoden in Columbia is an injection that aids in weight loss. The Myoden is often paired with B-12 injections P6} for maximum benefits. Many people looking to lose weight enjoy the energy boost and boost their metabolism. To learn more about vitamins and supplements in Columbia MD, contact Weight Loss of Columbia today!

Customized vitamins and supplements in Columbia, MD from Weight Loss of Columbia can help you lose weight and keep it off. Contact us to learn more! We proudly serve Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Fulton, Maple Lawn, Woodbine, Glenelg, West Friendship, Burtonsville, and Laurel, MD.